The Chocolate Show's Tasty Runway Extravaganza!

Edible costumes made from chocolate? How could we resist?!

The Chocolate Show’s Tasty Runway Extravaganza!

Edible costumes made from chocolate? How could we resist?!

-Diana Denza

chocolate folly

As a lover of all things chocolate and Broadway, I was completely blown away by the Chocolate Fashion Show held in at the posh Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City on November 9, 2011. Sponsored by Lincoln to kick off the New York Chocolate Show from November 10-13, 2011, we were treated to 14 of the Great White Way’s best designs…in chocolate, of course!

And it only gets better: before the show began, attendees were encouraged to participate in a silent auction benefitting Groove With Me, a volunteer driven charity committed to providing at risk youth free dance and performing arts lessons.

To hold us over before the big runway show, lucky guests (myself included!) noshed on decadent miniature cupcakes by Tonnie’s Minis, rich chocolate drinks from Serendipity 3, and a bevy of gourmet dishes and glasses of champagne.

chocolate playbill

But not even the world’s finest milky treats could prepare the excited crowd for what would happen once the lights dimmed and the heels clanked up the steps leading to the runway. As the first stunning model strutted her stuff across the catwalk, we couldn’t help but feast our eyes on her chocolate Playbill-covered frock. Broadway, please take note of this development (come on, wouldn’t these be the best treat ever before a show?!).

After tossing deliciously creamy truffles to gaggles of wide-eyed children, she sauntered off –but the show had only just begun. My eyes were exposed to more chocolaty goodness than ever before! The crop of Broadway-inspired designs included a Phantom of the Opera-esque mini dress, a flirty Chicago number, and a remarkably meticulous Lion King headpiece.

glinda the good witch

Even the toughest critics proved to be sweet-tooths at heart once Glinda the Good Witch took to the stage in her glittering ball gown and milky white corset. Designed by Top Chef contestant Melissa Camacho and Project Runway contestant Elisa Jimenez, it was impossible not to fall under this gal’s sweet spell! Likewise, the Can-Can-inspired frock by Sofitel Hotel pastry chef Vincent Bitauld and David Woolard was an edible delight with its chocolate leaves and Eiffel tower headpiece.

chocolate cosette

And as the model donning a Cosette-inspired dress crossed the runway, the crowd was hushed to silence by its silvery blue hue and flawless detailing. Simple yet timelessly elegant, it would have been a costume fit for a young princess – had it not been created by Dean Anderson, Gustavo Tzoc, and Sally Wu out of a chocolate slab!

Meanwhile, Auntie Mame – portrayed by a saucy male model decked out in drag – was an instant, lighthearted crowd-pleaser designed by Sherri Adler. Another star of the night was an incredibly detailed Morticia frock put together by Lauri Ditunno, Jeffrey Moore, and Malcolm Harris and brought to life by a another male model.

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But perhaps the most daring creation of all was the Gypsy Rose-inspired chocolate bustier and star-studded tulle skirt by the Institute of Culinary Education’s Vicki Wells and Michelle Tampakis. We should also mention that the model for this risqué garb was Tampakis’ own daughter. You go, girl!

chocolate follly

The biggest rush of the night came when the Chocolate Folly from Follies crossed the stage in all her sweet glory for the grand finale! Arms outstretched, with an exquisite golden headpiece, this delightful costume was anything but foolish. But really, we expected nothing less of the New York Marriott Marquis’ Steve Evetts and Tony award-winning costume designer Gregg Barnes.

Unfortunately, after the crowd gave these artists a raucous applause, the runway dimmed and we were ushered downstairs. Just don’t feel too sorry for yours truly: yet another host of confections awaited us, but this time, we could actually dig in!

Manhattanites, if you noticed any exceedingly hyper passengers on your commute home that night, it was probably one of us after a few pounds of chocolate. But don’t take it from me: go ahead and attend next year’s show. I can assure you that this will be one sweet treat you’ll never forget!

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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