The Dreamy Men of Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio isn't the only celebrity infiltrating our dreams! Here are the other hottie guys from 'Inception.'
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Ken Watanabe

Big in Japan for years, Ken, 50, broke into American Cinema alongside Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai in 2003—a role for which he was nominated for an Academy Award. Two years later he played a major part of the Dark Knight’s training in Batman Begins (also directed by Chris Nolan).

Since 2005 he’s been married to Japanese actress Kaho Minami. Sorry ladies!

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0 thoughts on “The Dreamy Men of Inception

  1. girleegirl says:

    Tom Hardy was incredible in this movie! Def my new crush.

  2. sugarpie says:

    I don’t think Leo is aging that well. He’s too boyish.

  3. FFlotus says:

    JGL! LOVED him in 500 days of summer and he was so suave and cute in inception

  4. Fashionista says:

    I think Tom Hardy is very cute!

  5. phantomspots says:

    Sweet dear Lord baby Jebus, JGL could attack me in a dark alley and I wouldn’t press charges. He is whgiuhraelihgiaheg… drool… so HOT!!

  6. layla says:

    Yes JGL all the way baby! He looked so HOT in Inception. *swoon*

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