The First Things He Notices About You

What does he see first that turns him on?

The First Things He Notices About You

What does he see first that turns him on?

-Libby Keatinge

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Maybe you think they are all just staring at your boobs, but actually there are many other things guys first notice about you. Cosmo put together this list of the 8 things he actually notices about you first. Check it out!

1. How thick your hair is: This goes back to cavemen days, when thick hair indicated health.

2. A genuine smile: If your eyes crinkle, it indicates you are relaxed and fun.

3. The size of your group: Traveling in a group of three makes you approachable. He doesn’t want to deal with a whole crew and he won’t chat you up if you are just with one friend, figuring you wouldn’t leave her to talk to him.

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4. The pitch of your voice: A high voice is a sign of reproductive health and youth.

5. Your hip to waist ratio: If your waist is smaller then your hips, it indicates fertility.

6. Glowiness: Good mental health is indicated by glowing skin. Stress causes breakouts and dull skin.

7. What’s fake about you: Too many extensions and fake eyelashes indicate you are high maintenance.

8. Your eyes: Men focus on your eyes, so bust out the dramatic eyeshadow. (Cosmopolitan)

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  1. Well my husband (of 7 months) admits the first thing he noticed about me was my boobs. But he also indicated that he liked the way I smiled at him and he liked the way my eyes sparkled!
    What I liked about him? He winked at me! The wink is a lost art. He kissed me like I’ve never been kissed before. Whew! Had to go back for more of that kissing.

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