Realtionships: The Gray Zone

Betty Blogger Heidi wonders if gray is the new black when it comes to relationships.
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Betty Blogger

The Relationship Gray Zone

Is gray the new black when it comes to relationships?

-Heidi Isern

It was just a normal Tuesday night at the gym. I was on the elliptical reading Vogue, hoping the latest fashion collections would inspire me to move faster so that I might fit into them. Suddenly my friend Jack appeared and jumped on the trainer next to me, annoyingly moving twice as fast as me at double the incline.

“Hi,” he says. “Sooooo … what’s new? Work, races, fashion … are you still dating that gray zone guy?”

Sigh. One needs to wear a disguise when frequenting neighborhood gyms. Not only has everyone seen you in the local bars during the past week, but they also have undoubtedly listened to you drunkenly spew out your latest dating sagas.

“Yes, I’m still in the gray, Jack. We cannot all have perfect “running through wheat fields” romances like yours. Plus it’s not like I have anything else going on.”

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0 thoughts on “Realtionships: The Gray Zone

  1. Sounds like a tale I’ve heard and experienced more than once, trouble is, you’re in the grey zone for a while and eventually things have to go somewhere. Things either have to progress into more, or you gotta move on, but its hard to say when. I run into many guys who love the grey zone, its having your cake and eating it too, which I love also, however, expectations are still there and eventually something’s gotta give!

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