"The Hardest Part Is Losing Friends:" 10 Women Veterans Share Their Stories

In honor of Veteran's Day, we'd like to introduce you to ten totally amazing and inspiring women.
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Cassaundra StJohn“There is no harder job –except being a good mother!”

Cassaundra StJohn, 44, has two grown children (Daniel, 22 and Anne-Marie, 20, pictured here). She served in Airfield Management, Command and Control and Wing Training for four years, then she joined the reserves for another eight years.

Hometown: Belen, New Mexico

Where did you serve? San Antonio, Texas; Altus, Oklahoma; Tacoma, Washington; and Fort Worth, Texas

Why did you decide to join? I grew up an army brat, so the military was something I “knew.” I loved the team approach, structure and integrity.

What’s the hardest part? The hardest part was being a woman and also having to think way beyond “outside the box.” You have to be willing to take the box apart and see how it can be utilized more effectively and efficiently.

What do you love most about it? The idea of being part of something bigger than yourself and the pride!

How does your family feel about it? I grew up in a military family and married a military man. It was kind of a tradition to serve.

What’s it like being a woman service member? It is very difficult, but serving in general is very challenging. But it is also life changing.

Is it hard? There is no harder job –except being a good mother!

What are some things you take with you, or do, to feel “at home” when you’re so far away from home? Food from home and local newspapers to remind me of my family.

Your biggest fear? Not living up to who I am meant to be and not maximizing my time on earth to make it a better place for my children.

What do you want most out of life? To use my life experiences to help women through my organization, F7 Group.

What’s something you wish all Americans knew about our troops? They are overworked and underpaid, which is why I seek to help them find other ways to supplement their income through entrepreneurship. The military men and women deserve our service in return.

Anything else you want to share with our readers? F7 Group is here because it is time for us to empower the women who serve and recognize and honor them with tangible help, support, resources and mentoring!

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