"The Hardest Part Is Losing Friends:" 10 Women Veterans Share Their Stories

In honor of Veteran's Day, we'd like to introduce you to ten totally amazing and inspiring women.
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Meet Sherrina Stewart

Sherrina Stewart

“Even though I was far away, I never felt alone.”

Seargent Sherrina Stewart, 37, lives in Belton Texas with her 16-year-old daughter. She served as Petroleum Supply Specialist in the Army for eight years (1993 – 2001).

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Where did you serve? Ft. Hood, Texas; Camp Essayons, South Korea; Ft. Stewart, Georgia

Why did you decide to join? I decided to join because it was an out for me. At that time, I was working a dead-end job and it gave me the opportunity to go to college and pursue a better life. The G.I. bill was also an influence on my decision to join.

What’s the hardest part? The hardest part was leaving my baby daughter to go to South Korea for a year.

What do you love most about it? The adventure, the traveling, the people I met. The experiences I had were unforgettable.

How does your family feel about it? They encouraged me to go and were happy for me. They knew that it would leave to a life-changing future.

What’s it like being a female service member? Is it hard? Yes it’s hard. You sometimes didn’t have access to the simple pleasures of being a woman. You couldn’t wear makeup or get your hair done when you were in the field. You had to sleep in a pup tent at times. You couldn’t take hot showers. It was rough in the field! However, it wasn’t like that all the time. As a woman, I was treated fairly and I think the Army affords great opportunities for women.

What are some things you take with you, or do, to feel “at home” when you’re so far away from home? When I was away in South Korea, I took pictures of my baby with me. I also was able to call home daily. Other friends send me pictures and letters. Even though I was far away, I never felt alone.

Your biggest fear? My biggest fear at the time was going to war.

What do you want most out of life? Currently, I am an ICU nurse but I still have a desire to serve my country again. After my daughter graduates from high school, I just might re-enlist.

What’s something you wish all Americans knew about our troops? It’s important that all Americans know that our troops sacrifice their lives for our freedom. Not only their lives but their time with their family and friends. It’s not an easy sacrifice but it’s one that they make without murmuring or complaining. Our troops should be respected and appreciated at all costs.

Anything else you want to share with our readers? Freedom isn’t free. Someone has to pay.

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