The Indian Side of Color

The guide to finding the perfect foundation.
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The Indian Side of Color

The guide to finding the perfect foundation.

-Charu Suri

The Indian Side of Color

Let’s face it: women of color don’t always have an easy time in the makeup department. As long as I can remember, I’ve worn two shades of makeup because I’ve had to blend them to find the right tint. It doesn’t matter what brand it is -I have Indian skin. I change color throughout the seasons like a chameleon.

I get mocha dark in the summer and as fair as an olive during the winter (that’s really about as fair as I get), so I constantly need to juggle my makeup like a Cirque de Soleil performer. I’ve never had an easy time finding concealers, liquid foundation or mineral makeup that perfectly complemented my Indian skin tone.

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The trick to finding the correct shade is patience. For years I took home samples of foundations and tried them on, only to admit sagging defeat. But I never gave up. Then, when one of my most favorite custom blend companies -Prescriptives- went bust, I was forced to be creative and open minded in trying other cosmetics.  So, having forged through countless foundations and concealers, here’s what I found that really worked.

Alison Raffaele True Concealer

True concealer from Alison Raffaele Cosmetics ($23, Her true concealer is a lightweight yet high coverage weapon that comes in so many shades. The shade called Honey is a great match for Indian skin tones. Paraben free and fortified with antioxidants as well as resveratrol, this is a concealer that did its job the moment I used it, and I did not have to blend it with other shades.

Iman Foundation

Iman Cosmetics’ Luxury radiance liquid makeup enriched with minerals and brush set ($15, This liquid makeup has truly been the life saver for my skin. Available in three shades (clay, earth and sand), the Clay option suits my skin tone to a  T. When I initially used the makeup, I was a bit shocked because the tint appeared a little muddy (it has yellow undertones). But once you apply it, you’ll realize that this makeup does more than your average brand for color cosmetics.  If you’ve had a really rough time in finding the right makeup for your skin tone, I have a sneaky feeling that Iman’s latest liquid creation is going to address all your needs.

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10 thoughts on “The Indian Side of Color

  1. Great article, nice to see this topic discussed. I’ve never found a foundation that works for me so being a bit lazy just don’t wear any. This list looks promising, thanks.

  2. I really don’t have a hard time finding cosmetics at all..i’m VERY fair skinned…never tan (unfortunately)..and my eyes are very light…I use Hard Candy Tinted Moisturizer…it works just like a foundation..its pretty thick

  3. I am glad to see that cosmetic companies are finally acknowledging that parabens are very harmful. In one item, it’s not that bad. But a lot of the products we use daily contain parabens, so added up.. it could be a lot. There is even mercury in some mascaras! Ick. Check this out to learn more:

    This is a non-profit organization that informs about drinking water, cosmetics, cell phone radiation, etc. Just in case anyone is interested.

  4. I have Irish skin – very light – normally I use Maybelline Age Rewind – it goes on creamy and does not turn orangy during the day – a little dusting of Studio Gear loose powder to set it, and I’m good for the day –

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