The John Lennon Cheat Sheet

The release of 'Nowhere Boy' comes a day before John Lennon would have turned 70.
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The John Lennon Cheat Sheet

The release of ‘Nowhere Boy’ comes a day before John Lennon would have turned 70.

-Jess Zaino

John Lennon

Beloved Beatle John Lennon would have been 70 years young on October 9th. While he is physically gone, his music, spirit and message of peace live on. With an October 8th release of Nowhere Boy, a film about John, starring Aaron Johnson and Kristin Scott Thomas, his legacy is still clearly as strong as it was four decades ago.

Now it’s time to admit it. You probably aren’t totally up to speed on your Lennon knowledge. Next time you’re trying to impress that hot music dude at a party, use this handy cheat sheet complete with 29 factoids about the English born, American loved working-class hero.

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1. John Winston Lennon was born to Julia Lennon in Liverpool, England after 30 hours of labor on October 9, 1940

2. His mother’s sister, Auntie Mimi, raised John.

3. Before making a trip to Hamburg, Germany The Beatles went by several names including The Quarrymen, The Silver Beetles, Long John and the Silver Beatles, and The Beatals.

4. Elton John made a bet with John him that the song Whatever Gets You Thru The Night would reach number one. Since Elton won, John had to appear live with him when he played New York City. Not a bad loss.

5. In October, 1968, John and Yoko Ono were arrested for possession of marijuana

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  1. I’m not really sure where some of this info came from. I’ve read two books on John and one on the Beatles, and I’ve never heard of John referring to Yoko as “it” although I myself have referred to her as such…and poor Cynthia walked in on them, in HER home, with Yoko wearing HER robe. THAT’S what you should have put down on this “cheat sheet.”

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