The Junk-Food Diet

Eating Twinkies can help you lose weight. But....

The Junk-Food Diet

Eating Twinkies can help you lose weight. But….

-Jane Farrell


It’s classic dieting advice: swear off junk food. But a nutrition professor at Kansas State University is going on a high-fat, high-sugar eating plan to prove that bad food can help you drop pounds.

Don’t run out and buy a king-size Snickers, though, until you hear the rest.

According to AOL, the professor, Mark Haub has been gobbling powdered doughnuts, sugary snack cakes and sticky buns since Aug.25. So far, he’s lost seven pounds.

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“Is it truly weight we should be concerned about, or should it be what we eat?” Haub said in an interview with AOL. Haub maintains an 1,800-calorie per day limit, and he does eat one portion of vegetables daily.

But along with the seven-pound weight loss , he’s experienced a rise in blood pressure and in “bad” cholesterol. So it’s clear that weight loss isn’t the only factor in deciding how we eat.

So next month, he’ll be eating healthy food like fruit, vegetables and lean proteins and whole grains—and will probably gain weight . But it’s pretty clear that your health benefits aren’t determined by pounds alone. (AOL)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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  1. I think if I went on an all sweets diet, I’d probably get so sick on the first day, that I wouldn’t want to eat for a week….and that’s how you lose the

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