The Media Speaks Out On Celeb Cheating

Journalists, bloggers and editors give their two cents on cheaters like David Arquette.
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The Media Speaks Out On Celeb Cheating

Journalists, bloggers and editors give their two cents on cheaters like David Arquette.

-The Betty Editors

Courteney Cox

We asked prominent media members to give us their professional perspective on the celeb cheating epidemic taking place in Celebland.

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Here’s what they had to say…

We were the first to exclusively reveal that Tiger Woods was cheating on his wife with Rachel Uchitel. And David Arquette‘s extramarital exploits have been no secret to Enquirer readers. And it’s not just confined to youngsters like Tiger or David. We broke the story about Morgan Freeman, who at his age had incredibly been carrying on TWO affairs, one of which was with a young relative! That cost him hundreds of millions in the divorce. In the end, unless there’s an ironclad prenup, the wife gets revenge for the betrayal. Hollywood or Main Street– that’s pretty much the same.

-Barry Levine, Executive Editor and Director of News, The National Enquirer

Celebrities often marry another celebrity because they feel like they are in “the game” together, and essentially, have a better understanding of each other than say, a mere mortal would. In the case of David Arquette and Courteney Cox, these are two extraordinarily well-known and hard-working actors, whose careers often place them at opposite ends of the globe for work. This can, of course, be problematic, but infidelity is never the answer. With the ascent of social media and quickness of the Internet, people’s lives are particularly more transparent now than ever. In other words, it is far easier now, than ever, to get caught.

My message to celebrities? Be careful — you never know who’s watching!

-Micah Jesse, Celebrity Blogger,

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  1. How are celebrities making it clear that marriage comes with a shelf life? In Hollywood it does, sure, but when has that ever not been the case? Even when divorce was looked down upon the favorite actors or actresses would be on husband or wife number 3 or 4. It always confuses me when people look to celebrities – namely actors – as role models. Many are extremely volatile for their art, many in the industry because of a disordered need for validation and attention in the first place and as it was mentioned, most are apart from their significant other for long periods of time while putting themselves in ridiculously tempting situations (sex scenes?) I honestly don’t understand why most celebrities even get married – and many who do only do it for the “image” anyway. I also feel as a general rule for anybody – the more cutesy the couple, the more likely a disaster is up and coming. Couples shouldn’t act like 5 year old siblings :)

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