The Men of Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts gets the brass ring in 'Eat Pray Love,' hitting theatres August 13!
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The Men of Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts gets the brass ring in ‘Eat Pray Love,’ hitting theaters August 13!

-Carolyn French

Julia Roberts

Women across the map are going gaga over Elizabeth Gilbert’s New York Times bestseller Eat Pray Love. Why? Because the motivation behind Elizabeth’s voyage is so easy to relate to!

Whether we have acted on it or not, most of us have panicked and felt like bolting the minute we realized our foot was nailed to the floor.

Usually we accept how lucky we actually are to have the partner and the life we always dreamed of, and we live happily ever after.

In this case, our heroine comes to the conclusion that the life she thought she always wanted was not gratifying enough, so she jumped ship to see what else was out there.

Apparently, there was great food, fantastic views, and gorgeous men! Here’s how it all began…

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8 thoughts on “The Men of Eat Pray Love

  1. I am looking forward to seeing this movie, but I don’t think Julia Roberts was the right casting. She has no depth to play the lead character in Eat, Pray, Love.

  2. Thank you kindly Carolyn for your very kind words on the Eat Pray Love article, this was just brought to my attention and I felt it only appropriate to express my gratitude.

    And ‘Mothermeryl’ you are also far too kind.

    Thank you ladies.

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