The Most Diabolical Revenge On an Ex Ever. Yes, It Involves Chicken.

There's revenge, and then there's revenge, and then there's THIS.

The Most Diabolical Revenge On an Ex Ever. Yes, It Involves Chicken.

There’s revenge, and then there’s revenge, and then there’s THIS.

-Piper Weiss, Yahoo! Shine


In the annals of demented revenge plans, Ronald Smith’s is in a category of its own. The 58-year-old Denver man was just found guilty of vandalizing his ex-wife’s home with raw chicken.

How does one do that? Not exactly sure, but the Washington Post is reporting that he stashed uncooked parts of the animal in the heating ducts of his former spouse’s home.

Just grinding the thought through my brain wheels produces a foul odor.

But he didn’t stop there. He also poured an “unknown substance” into her baby grand piano (really, wtf was it?) and completely erased her hard drive.

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Smith has been found guilty of second degree burglary and criminal mischief, meaning he could spend the next two decades in prison.

That’s a little comforting, considering Smith’s got a history of loop-dee-loo wife-stalking. At first, his ex said she received threatening emails and texts and later found him spying on her through her bedroom window when she was sleeping with her new boyfriend.

If you hadn’t already cast Ray Liotta as Smith and sold the film rights to Lifetime, here’s when things got really bad: He filled out an official death notice for his ex wife and posted it on her door so her neighbors thought she had passed away.

This was all before the night of Smith’s most disturbing revenge tactic: uncooked chicken, a million little hiding places.

This post originally appeared on Yahoo! Shine.

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