The New Marriage Proposal

Think a subtle marriage proposal will do these days? Think again. More and more men are planning over-the-top proposals.
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The New Marriage Proposal

Think a subtle proposal will do these days? Think again.

-Faye Brennan

Shawn & Neelon marriage proposal

I love the way my parents got engaged. They were on vacation in Antigua and my mom got a terrible sunburn. As she was lying in bed, all red but relaxed, my dad lay down next to her, took out that tiny little box and said, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

It was simple, but unbelievably romantic, and I love their story every time I hear it.

But these days, subtle proposals like my parents’ are losing their appeal. In fact, popping the question is getting to be such a grand affair, men are now staging elaborate performances in public parks, or hiring wedding planners to help them plan the big day.

Sarah Pease of Brilliant Event Planning in New York City says she’s been getting more and more clients requesting over-the-top proposals. “I get calls almost daily about proposal services,” she says. “While many say the wedding day is all about the bride, the proposal is really the guy’s time to shine.”

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These men have lavish ideas in mind and are willing to pull out all the stops and personalized touches for their fiancés-to-be.

Here are just two of the extravagant proposals Pease has planned recently, plus a bonus story from Paul Irvine of Dehouche, a travel agency in Brazil, who planned a very unique proposal.

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0 thoughts on “The New Marriage Proposal

  1. I was at a party recently and talking to a guy who was planning on doing something extravagant and crazy for his proposal- I guess it’s a big trend now.

  2. These are such sweet stories! I’m hoping for a romantic, personal proposal someday – preferably one that doesn’t cost my guy an arm and a leg.

  3. This is pitiful! If someone needs this off-the-wall type proposal then they don’t know TRUE LOVE, REAL LOVE and are making a mistake. If you and your partner are soul mates, then you don’t need this waste of money and self-aggrandizement. Our society is doomed; too many people are living in a fake, Hollywood or virtual world! The opening story is TRUE, REAL love.

  4. I think to each his own. Proposals are soooooo personal and each guy knows what his gal wants. Or at least we hope they do. I have to admit tho the scuba diving thing was a bit over the top tho.

  5. Really, what kind of shallow person needs such a big bedazzled marriage proposal. My husband and I were on our yearly vacation when he proposed to me and it wasn’t where we were that was so sweet, it was what he said. He told me he had been married before and that he thought he had been in love, but that he never really knew what love was until he met me and that he wanted me to be with him forever and pulled out the ring. — What more could you want?

  6. These are a bit over the top, but what really has me puzzled is how you hide a ring on a reef and have it not “disappear” before you get to it? That would make me way too nervous!

  7. my man knows how much i hate surprises, but he wants it to be at least a small surprise anyway. so i love how he is planning this whole thing. My soon-to-be-Fiance has given me four amazing scenarios that he has thought of. All of them go great with who we are, our hobbies, and how we met. I love all the ideas. 2 are more subtle, 2 are a bit more extravagant, but cheap.
    1. The park – we spend a ton of time outdoors, especially at our local parks. He would plan a picnic and pop the question over lunch.
    2. Competition Day.
    It’s my final year as a cheerleader. I’ve been cheering since my high school days (was it really so long ago? lol) and he has been there since the beginning, at every competition, 25% of the practices (usually working), and 98% of the games. He told me he would purpose right after we win. I love his confidence in our team lol.
    3. Graduation – I graduate this year. he would wrap it as a present and pop the question at the party.
    4. (my favorite idea). Musical Practice – he is technical director every year for the local high school musicals. I usually tag along to help with the tech crew and stage crew. He says he would pick a tech-crew only practice (we both know the normal tech-crowd really well by now and are especially close with the director) and pop the question on stage with the very intimate group watching. This one is perfect in my opinion, because it was during a play that we met, way back those years ago, my freshman year of high school. plus though i want it to be intimate, i want at least two people around to celebrate with right away, lol.

  8. Personally, I’d rather spend that $ on my wedding and/or honeymoon. What ever happened to the old fashion/get down on knee proposal? That’s good enough, right?

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