The Newlywed Life: Hooking Up Alone

My relationship with my laptop can't possibly be having an affect on my marriage... right?
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The Newlywed Life: Hooking Up Alone

My relationship with my laptop can’t possibly be having an affect on my marriage… right?

-Jenna Mahoney

Hooking Up Alone

A few weeks ago, Husband and I were watching the local 10 o’clock news. At the commercial break they teased “Are You Sabotaging Your Marriage?” story. Always looking to improve my relationship, I paid attention to the piece when it aired. According to the report, married couples are spending exponentially more time online then with each other, resulting in less communication and lower libidos. Husband and I laughed at the sensational argument and turned back to our laptops. Yep. We were sitting on the couch together with the TV on and our computers buzzing in between us.

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At first, I didn’t think it was that unusual a moment. I do most of my work at night. I come home from my day job, start supper or order Indian (we’ve finally moved on from Thai) and fire up the iBook. Then I write until 10pm or later. Well, at least that is what I say I do.

What I actually do every evening ranges from Tweeting and blogging (hey, I get paid for that!), house hunting, newspaper reading and, yes, Facebooking. Sometimes, I even double dip updating my iPhone and scrolling through inbox on my laptop. And if public radio isn’t blaring in the background, I’ve got some stupid network show on that I don’t even actively watch, I’m just used to the noise.

My artful ability to waste time is something I seriously need to work on, I mean that’s probably the real reason why I haven’t written the great American novel, but I’m not alone in my tech-timepalooza.

Husband is literally attached to his screens. The internet is the first thing he sees in the morning. Well, that’s technically after he checks his work email and two personal accounts from bed on his phone upon hearing his alarm (which is also his phone, by the way). While drinking coffee, he pours over three Spanish newspapers and listens to NPR news, and I do my morning blog posts and Twitterfeed check.

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