'The Rachel Zoe Project's' Jeremiah Brent: "It Was All Real"

'The Rachel Zoe Project's' Jeremiah Brent dishes on Rachel, his firing, his re-hiring, and more-- and, he says, it's all real!
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Let’s talk about getting fired and then re-hired again on the show. I know that there’s been some speculation online that the firing wasn’t 100% real because of it being a reality TV show. Can you shed some light on these rumors?

Everything on the show that you see is what you get. When you make the decision to come onto a show like this, you absolutely have to be yourself. The firing and everything that happened with Rodger was real. When it happened, I wanted to crawl under a table. I did do everything right, but what Rachel wanted was to see more passion in my work. They were definitely nervous about the firing because they really did want to help me out. But yes, it was all real, both the firing aspect and the re-hiring part.

As the new guy on Team Zoe, how are you getting along with Mandana Dayani and Joey Maalouf?

Joey says whatever pops into his head, and he has such a big, big heart. Mandana is the ultimate “excu-bitch”– she’s taught me so much. They’re both fantastic!

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I love your style– to borrow a phrase from Rachel, I die! How would you describe your personal fashion sense?

My mom thinks I dress like a homeless lesbian! I have some days where I feel preppy, but others where I wear shirts with holes in them. I like a lot of vintage. I guess if I had to describe my style, I’d say it’s eclectic.

And now for the final million-dollar question: are you guys coming back to Bravo for another season?

We don’t know yet! There’s a lot of great stuff coming up, though, that I can’t talk about. The best part about the show is just the fans. Everyone who enjoys it– who responds to the show—it’s just amazing for me. It’s been a beautiful experience and I look forward to continuing it.

Heather Taylor is the L.A. correspondent for BettyConfidential. She’s a huge fan of Rachel Zoe and finds herself calling everything “bananas” on a regular basis.

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