The SATC2-athon!

Plus Betty's exclusive interview with SATC's Willie Garson!
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The SATC2-athon!

Plus Betty’s exclusive interview with SATC’s Willie Garson!

-Carrie Seim


As promised, I kicked off my Sex and the City 2 Eve with a three-hour SATC tour of Manhattan organized by On Location Tours. After all my time in the city, I’ve never been tempted to actually take one of the infamous tour buses that troll the city.

Carrie Seim

I ended up having a shockingly good time touring Manhattan – Sex and the City style. I brought my intrepid companion and couture wedding gown designer Matthew Christopher along for the ride. If you’re going on a nine-hour SATC night, it’s pretty much a requirement to bring a gay gown designer. Our bus was packed with women from Japan, Norway, England, Germany, Finland and even Arkansas – all descending on New York for the chick flick of the year.

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We rumbled past more than 40 locations from the TV series and films, including The Plaza (where Carrie watches Big leaving his engagement party with then fiancée-Natasha), Buddakan (where Carrie and Big had their engagement party), The New York Public Library (where Carrie was supposed to marry Big), Tiffany (where Trey bought Charlotte an “alrighty” diamond ring), Joe’s Pub (where Carrie met her jazz man), Jersey Street (where Carrie got held up for her Manolos) and far too many designer clothing, shoes and jewelry shops to count. We even said a fashion prayer to “Armani, who art in heaven.”

Carrie on tour

We also hopped off the bus at the infamous Pleasure Chest “toy shop” (where Charlotte bought her Rabbit) and devoured cupcakes from the decadent Billie’s Bakery. Didn’t this tour used to stop at Magnolia? And we bumped into online dating expert Julie Spira and Single Gal in the City blogger Melissa Braverman on our bus. Sex writers unite!

After a couple of cosmos (at O’Neill’s Bar, a stand-in for Steve’s Scout bar) and an overwhelming Italian supper, it was finally time to head to the movies for the main event.

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  1. I am still going to see the movie with my best girls and than have lunch afterwards (a great day away from kids and husbands)…so excited to see the fashions too!!!

  2. not me girlegirl…i have better things to do with my time then watch a bunch of shallow women…well…be shallow……

    this movie got horrendous reviews from the likes of the New York Post (I believe) and a bunch of other sources.

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