The Singing Bride Becomes an Accidental Viral Hit

Footage of a bride singing to her groom accidentally became a viral hit - but what does the bride herself think about it?
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Almost a year after the ceremony, the footage on videographer Petite Productions’ YouTube site got picked up by international news outlets. More than 350,000 views later, the Carrs are cautiously accepting that other once in a lifetime occurrence: viral video fame.

“This was not meant to be a viral video,” says Marie. “I’m a very private person, we didn’t post a link to the video or even talk about it after the wedding. The only people who knew about actually were the ones who actually came to the wedding.” That is, until last week.

The attention, the comments from strangers, the public judgment of a private moment. It’s all a little much for the Cincinnati based newlyweds, who just had their first child, daughter Eden, 3 months ago. “Some people thought it was an act and a publicity stunt,” explains Marie, who was wary of doing more interviews. For the record, it wasn’t.

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If Marie’s singing seems fraught with emotion, it’s because it is. “We both come from pretty hurt places,” explains Devin.

Adds Marie: “Another way to put it is that we’ve had to overcome a lot to get this place so for us it was a pretty magical day.”

But was there an encore? “At the reception I sang “Endless Love” with my father in law, but my mike wasn’t working so all you see is him telling the DeeJay to fix the sound.”

Unfortunately, Marie has no plans to post that video as a follow up. The new mom, who’s typically shy when she isn’t singing to her groom, says she’s done with viral fame. “I’m just trying to process all the attention,” says Marie. “So yeah, this is enough for me.”

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