The Single Girl's Survival Guide

Or how to look good no matter what you're doing, or did.
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The Single Girl’s Survival Guide

Or how to look good no matter what you’re doing, or did.

– Lauren Rich

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For single girls, it’s a jungle out there. And for some, it’s a jungle down there. In which case, you definitely need to keep reading. No matter where you turn, traps are waiting at every corner – wrong turns, icy roads and worst – dead ends. So what’s a savvy single girl to do? Arm herself of course! And I’m not talking about the NRA. I’m talking  bikini bump blasters, miracle under eye concealer, on-the-go undies, and other tricks of the singles trade.

Below, my top 6 must-haves for when you wake up in a stranger’s bed, hell, wake up in your own bed to find men’s pants on the floor but no man, endure the dreaded walk of shame, are caught unexpectedly on your period, and other similar mishaps we as single ladies undergo pretty much, all of the time. Take note, and god speed.

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo

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For anyone who’s chronically late (check), slutty (I plead the 5th), or just plain lazy (double check), you may have a had a moment or fifty in your life when you woke up already supposed to be at work, teetered home in last night’s stilettos, or threw your hair into a ponytail the umpteenth time because really – who has time to not only wash one’s hair, but blow-dry? This dry shampoo absorbs oil, gives my hair volume and makes it shiny. A. mazing.

Currently the #1 selling dry-shamp across the pond, it’s now available in our very own U.S. of A. for just $7.99 (full size) and $3.99 (travel size) at

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 2. Elizabeth Grant Undereye Correcting Pen

 socializer pen

Beauty guru Elizabeth Grant’s new Socializer pens ($40, are here to make that transition from the bar to the boardroom a little less tragic. That’s right – the global beauty powerhouse designed this prod for all you alkies (present company included) who stumble into the office, you know, 2-3 mornings a week, looking like a tawdry piece of trash.

Slather on Late Nights before you crash (read: pass out still fully clothed), and Bright Lights when you wake up (read: drag yourself out of bed), and save yourself the concealer you used to cake on Marie Antionette-style.

I mean hell, if it’s good enough for Blake Lively (LOVE her), Leighton Meester, Jessica Szohr, Ginnifer Goodwin and Kristin Bell – I suppose it’s good enough for me.

3. Packaged Panties by Affinitas Intimates


Unless you want to pull a Britney, a Paris, and well, pretty much every other hot-mess celeb out there whose crotch shot you can find somewhere online if you google long enough, for your sake – and everyone else’s – wear. Underwear. And thanks to Affinitas Intimates’ new 3-pack Packaged Panties ($28, have no excuse. The package’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, these cutie portable panties make the perfect travel companion – discreet enough to bring just about anywhere. Proving (some) good things DO come in small packages. (And if you’re a guy tragically in that category, you’re hoping to hell that’s what she said.)

Tuck a pack into your gym bag for a fresh pair post-workout, stash a pack in your dashboard, your overnight bag for a weekend away, your f&*((-buddy’s, or as I prefer it – stash a pack in your clutch! Like Mom always said – better to be safe than sorry.

More sexy solutions up next!

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