The Top 10 Biggest Celeb News Stories of 2011

From Charlie Sheen's meltdown to William and Kate's wedding to the sad loss of Amy Winehouse, we've got the 10 biggest celeb news stories of 2011 right here!
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5. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver Call It Quits

Arnold and Maria

No silver anniversary for the Governator! The political pair ended their 25-year marriage in May after it was revealed that Ah-nold fathered a child with the household maid. It must be tough being the Terminator’s lovechild.

4. Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood

Charlie Sheen

Has there ever been a meltdown as public as Charlie Sheen’s? We’re not really sure. After being fired from his hit show Two and a Half Men in March, Charlie Sheen became the train wreck of the year. He insisted on 20/20 that he wasn’t on drugs or bi-polar; instead, he claimed that he was “bi-winning” and had “tiger blood.” Whatever you say, Charlie.

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3. Beyonce’s Pregnancy


Destiny’s Child, indeed! Queen Bey showed off her baby bump during a performance live on August 26th during the MTV Video Music Awards. And the crowd went wild- Tweeting it up to the tune of 9,000 Tweets per second! But the drama was just beginning; many have since been claiming that her pregnancy is fake, citing the now-infamous “deflating baby bump” incident as proof. The jury’s still out on this one.

2. The Kardashian Wedding/Divorce

Kim Kardashian

Publicity stunt, or just a love that soured too fast? On August 20th, Kim Kardashian married her NBA boyfriend Kris Humphries in a lavish $10 million ceremony that doubled as a two-part TV special on E!, complete with multiple bridal gown changes. 72 days later, the nuptials went south with Kim filing for divorce. Kardashian overload? Heck yes.

1. The Royal Wedding

William and Kate

Sorry, Kim K, but this was Kate Middleton’s year for the world’s biggest wedding ceremony! Millions got up early and pulled all-nighters to watch Kate, a commoner, marry her longtime royal boyfriend Prince William on April 29th. She even earned a title: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Fairy tales really do come true!

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