The Top 12 Spa Treatments for Fall 2010

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4) Lash Extensions

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Eyelash length, thickness, volume and darkness have gone way up on the beauty priority lists of women now more than ever. While new drugstore and professional lash volumizers continue to crowd the lash-enhancing market, the Fall Spa Week event is poised to give women more professional lash-extending options than ever before.

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5) Instant Inch Loss

 Spa treatment

Remember that magical, completely safe instant weight-loss pill you always dreamed of? We’re not saying it’s been invented (sorry), but the spa is becoming a go-to place to get instant, (almost) magic-like results in addition to providing long term benefits. Colon Hydrotherapy is becoming more popular as a quick, easy cleanse, and hot new med-spa services like the 7E Treatment and Ionithermie give immediate results by targeting muscles with waveform technology.

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Michelle Joni Lapidos


Michelle Joni Lapidos a social media innovator and spa guru living in New York City. With a background in fashion and editorial, she’s now the social media director at Spa Week, home of the famous biannual $50 spa treatments, and editor of Spa Week Daily.



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