The Top 5 Bedroom Moves That Will Rock His World

One guy shares the moves that will make your man weak in the knees.

The Top 5 Bedroom Moves That Will Rock His World

One guy shares the moves that will make your man weak in the knees.

-Matt Titus

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Before I give the female gender complete control over all of mankind, I must also provide a disclaimer regarding the potential power and influence the below secrets of the bedroom may give you. The purpose of this information is to have men become physically addicted to you.

After reading this, you may make your man believe that you are like no other woman sexually on the face of this earth. Your sexual prowess just may make him open his heart and emotionally attach to you like glue if he hasn’t already.

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So, consider yourself warned. Here are the bedroom moves that will rock his world:

1. Connect through oral sex. The biggest turn-on is when a woman lets her guy know that she loves it, too. Telling him how much you like it when he watches you in action is an amazing turn-on. Looking him directly in the eye as you do it is another. Guys love it when you show the craving to please them.

2.  Don’t underestimate doggy style. It’s totally hot. When a woman takes control in that position, it becomes nuclear hot. Try putting both your arms behind your back and crossing them, so he can grab your wrists and use them as leverage. It takes the position to a whole new level.

3.  Let him enjoy the show. That’s right, nothing is hotter than watching a woman pleasure herself the way she likes to be touched. Not only does it give us the insight into what you like, but it also puts the quest for the ultimate orgasm on a more even playing field (as you know, sometimes men have trouble lasting!).

4.  Break out the toys. A secure guy will love to have a toy that acts as his wingman in making him look like a superstar during sex. Toys like the Rabbit and the vibrating egg are amongst others that top my list.

5. Get on top. When a woman is confident and not afraid to use a man for her own orgasmic pleasure, it’s a super turn-on. A woman that climbs on top of a guy and rides him frontwards or backwards (reverse cowgirl) is someone who knows what she wants in the bedroom!

Matt Titus is a nationally recognized dating coach and matchmaker. He regularly appears on The CBS Early Show, The Today Show, The Wendy Williams Show. For more information about Matt Titus go to

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  1. It’s great to show it all and pleasure myself. We both love me doing it for him and doing it for ourselves to show off for each other. Photos of it are fun, too!

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