The Truth About Eyelash Extensions!

Here's the scoop on eyelash extensions and false eyelashes!
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The Truth About Eyelash Extensions!

Here’s the scoop on eyelash extensions and false eyelashes!

-Skyy Hadley, As U Wish Nail Spa

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2011 is all about lashes- how to grow them faster, how to make them longer, how to make them thicker. If you’re like me and look for ways to make your daily beauty routine easier, then you’ll love my eyelash obsession-eyelash extensions!

There are three main choices  in selecting false lashes or eyelash extensions- Human Hair Lashes, Polyester Synthetic Lashes and Color/Costume Lashes.

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Xtreme Lashes are my favorite synthetic single lash extensions available only by appointment in salons. Made of a lightweight, high-end silk and polyester blend that look and feel just like your own lashes, they are completely undetectable. There are three length levels to choose from- Dream (the shortest length), Fantasy (middle-of-the-road length) and Goddess (the red carpet standard). 80 or so lashes are applied- one at a time – using safe, non-irritating super-strength glue during a two hour session. The completely painless application can last up to two months with touchups needed roughly every three weeks.

xtreme lashes

If you can’t get to a salon, or only want longer lashes for a special event, you can opt for applying strip lashes at home. Since 1971, Ardell Lashes has been the best in human hair strip lashes that can be applied by you at home.

Ardell Duralash Naturals combo pack ($3.49,

ardell duralash

Cool colored lashes and how to apply false lashes up next

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