The Un-minute Man

Amber Madison answers a question about male ejaculation and how to fix a bed time problem.


The Un-minute Man

Dear Amber: My boyfriend and I have great sex but there’s a small problem with him taking such a long time to ejaculate, and I was wondering if there was anything we could do to help the situation?

Dear Love You Long Time: First of all, know that women everywhere would love to have your problem. (Though I know sometimes sex can reach a point when all you want to say is, “get out of me.”) I think two factors could be at play here. The first is, your boyfriend knows it takes him a while to have an orgasm, and feels pressure to have one faster–which of course has the opposite effect. Guy or girl, it’s hard to orgasm is you’re stressed out about it. The more your guy can relax and concentrate on how good the sex feels, the faster he’ll reach the big O. The other factor here could be that maybe it just takes him a while. If he seems to take forever even when he’s going solo, then this is probably the case. In that situation – if his stamina is just too much for you – up the foreplay. Start out with oral sex or manual stimulation so that by the time intercourse starts he’s been going for a while. And as you’re dealing with his longevity, just keep in mind, it’s better than dating a two pump chump.

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