The Best Kept Decorating Secret

Melissa Michaels, of, shares her secrets on how to prepare wonderful window treatments and the like.

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The Best-Kept Decorating Secret

With before and afters…

-Melissa Michaels,

living room

Are you ready for The Best Kept Decorating Secret? I’ve shared it on The Inspired Room before, so if you have been around awhile, you might have guessed it already. But, if you are new here, come a little closer and I’ll share it with you.

Shhh … the best kept decorating secret is – CREATIVE CONCEALMENT.

Creative Concealment is a little trick I have used in numerous situations and homes to transform something not so pretty into something a little closer to fabulous. A quick and easy transformation, and no one needs to know what you have concealed (that can be YOUR best kept little secret!).

an empty room

SOUTHERN LIVING: Windows (before)

What exactly is creative concealment, you ask?

Creative concealment is HIDING THE UGLY, TRANSFORMING THE UNLOVELY and DISTRACTING FROM THE HIDEOUS with more creativity than cash.

I love the before and after photo of the window (above) from Southern Living! It is the perfect example of what you can do with an ugly window to make it more chic and stylish WITHOUT an expensive remodel.

Below is one of my own creative concealments on a window. You may have seen this before shot on my blog before. I’m warning you, it is not a pretty sight (and I apologize for how blurry the photo is!).

Behold, my kitchen window BEFORE.

window treatment: before

And, revealing my kitchen window AFTER.

window treatment: after

What did we do? We didn’t rip out anything and we didn’t take out a bank loan to replace the window. The window is still there. We painted the dark trim, built a frame at the top for my curtains to hang and we used long curtain panels to finish off the windows and make them look more, well, pretty. We concealed! And for the ugly cabinets you can see in the before photo, concealed simply with new cabinet doors and paint.

I showed you another of my creative window concealments last year, but if you missed it, here it is again. I had another DOOZY of a window to conceal!

Why did I need to conceal it? The quality and style did not match my English style house AT ALL. And, it left me exposed to the neighbors because of how low the window was to the ground! I needed to feel a little more snug in my office and not like I was on a stage! The shutters still let some light in without sacrificing my privacy and I left the top part open for added sunshine!


office window: before

With two old bi-fold shutter doors I had sitting around and some curtains from the discount outlet Tuesday Morning, I was able to make a hideous window a more tolerable feature of my former office!


office window: after

So, there you have it! Creative Concealments: One of The Best Kept Decorating Secrets!

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