This Mom Loves Being a Night Owl

We're bringing back this article on how moms can get some me time--even late at night!
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This Mom Loves Being a Night Owl

We’re bringing back this article on how moms can get some me time–even late at night!

-Melissa Stanton

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It’s almost midnight as I sit in my home office to write this essay. My husband and children are asleep. The dog and cat are dozing. I’m awake and energized and working through my to-do list. (On that list: Write an essay for BettyConfidential about being a mom who stays up late.)

I’ve always gotten the most done when the people around me were done for the day. It was true in college and at the office, and when I became a stay-at-home mother of three I turned into a full-fledged creature of the night. My days were dictated by child-centered responsibilities: feeding children, cleaning up after children, transporting children, entertaining children. The only time I could do anything other than care for a house and children was under the cover of darkness.

The freelance editorial assignments I took on to keep a foot in the work world were done at night. I paid bills and did my emails and family paperwork at night. I found a publisher and wrote my book, The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide, at night. I made new friends through several mom blogs and kept up with politics and pop culture by tuning in to late night news and talk shows and reading newspapers online.

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Although such a schedule might sound exhausting, the truth is that my second shift rejuvenated me from my day job. I love my kids, and I have a great home, but I also enjoy earning money, completing projects and interacting with other adults. My husband eventually stopped asking what time I had crawled into bed, which I could usually do without waking him. He accepted that staying up until one, two, sometimes three in the morning enabled me to keep an important part of myself active and alive. While I love to sleep, I can get by on little and typically do much better with a short rest or a really long one. I always woke in time to care for my children, though I’d often power nap in my minivan during my twins’ too short time at preschool. (Tip: Tinted windows are a must for napping in a vehicle.)

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