This Month Give a Child the Gift of Clean Water

Whether you're a foodie or a beauty buff, you can support UNICEF's efforts to give kids safe, clear water.

This Month Give a Child the Gift of Clean Water

Whether you’re a foodie or a beauty buff, you can support UNICEF’s efforts to give kids safe, clear water.

-Diana Denza

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Here in the United States, the vast majority of us don’t give fresh water a second thought. We gulp it down after a morning run, splash it onto our faces, and cook our meals with it (when we’re not vegging out with a TV dinner). But according to UNICEF, a non-profit that has aided countless disadvantaged children, 4,000 young people across the globe die from waterborne illnesses every single day.

Bettys, this is a no-brainer: innocent kids shouldn’t have to live in a world where water kills. That’s why UNICEF created the Tap Project, which brings volunteers and partners together in the month of March to give children access to clean water.

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To throw your support behind this project, which is now in its sixth year, you can purchase Giorgio Armani Fragrances. Throughout March 2012, the brand will donate $1 to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF for each Acqua di Giò for Men or Acqua di Gioia for Women spray cologne or gift set purchased nationwide. Or, if you splurge on a 10 ml Acqua di Gioia Rollerball eau de parfum, every cent of the retail price up to $15 will support the UNICEF fund.

Pricing and product availability are listed on Armani’s website.You can get up-to-date details on Armani’s campaign by heading over to its Acqua for Life Facebook page.

For the foodie do-gooders out there, you can pay for your tap water at a participating restaurant through World Water Week. From March 19-25, 2012, donate $1 or more to give disadvantaged little ones the gift of safe water. It only takes $1 to provide a child with clean water for 40 days.

And if you need another reason to give to the campaign, The Hunger Games’ Lenny Kravitz just made a PSA for the project.


Remember, gals (and Hunger Games fans): it only takes $1 to put the odds back in a child’s favor.

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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