Three Ways to Be Happier at Work

Feeling stuck and unhappy? You don't need to find a new job to be happier at work - we promise!
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2. Don’t take things personally.

It’s natural to feel hostility and resentment toward co-workers. This normally happens, because we take it personally if someone makes a rude comment or ignores our request for help. Remember that if you don’t like your job, your co-workers probably don’t either. Isn’t it hard to be courteous and professional day after day at a job you dislike? Nine times out of ten, it’s nothing personal if someone does something that upsets you.

Take a moment to remember a time when you did something that negatively affected someone else. Was that personal? If not, give someone else the benefit of the doubt, too.

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3. Mindfully observe your negative emotions.

It’s inevitable that you’ll experience unpleasant feelings such as frustration, anger, bitterness or jealousy in the workplace. Such emotions can make it difficult to perform well at your job. When experiencing a negative emotion, remember that you are separate from that feeling; it is not who you are!

For example, if you’re angry, mindfully observe the emotion from a distance, noting the way you feel. Take a moment at your desk or on a break to sit and breathe with your anger. You may find it helpful to think to yourself, “My dear anger, I know that you are there. I am taking good care of you.” Doing this for just a few minutes can drastically change how you experience your negative emotions; they won’t magically disappear, but mindful observation makes them much less likely to dominate your mind and ruin your day.

Most of us will ultimately spend an enormous portion of our lives at work. So, why not do what you can to feel good while you’re there? Even if you decide to find a new place to work, you can still enjoy the remainder of your time at your current job. Your workplace may not be very conducive to feeling overwhelming joy, but you are always capable of making the best out of an unfortunate situation. Use these techniques to boost your happiness and going to work Monday morning may not be so bad after all!

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