Zzzz…Tips and Products to Help You Get Your Beauty Sleep

In honor of National Sleep Awareness week, we offer tips and products to help you have the best ZZZ's of your life.
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3. HoMedics SoundSpa Portable Sound Machine ($19.97, walmart.com)

sound machine

If you can’t quiet your mind or your sleeping quarters, a noise machine with soothing sounds like this one from HoMedics may be just what you need to doze off in peace. It features an auto-off timer and calming sounds such as ocean, summer night, rain, rain forest, waterfall and heartbeat.

4. “Sleep” Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy Concentrated Room Spray ($5, bathandbodyworks.com)

room spray

The scent of lavender reduces stress and is often recommended to those who suffer from insomnia. Just a spray or two of this lavender room spray, and you’re bedroom will become a sleep oasis.

5. Sleep Better Signature Collection Ambient Comfort Mattress Pad ($45.75 and up, amazon.com)

mattress pad

There’s nothing worse than sleeping on a lumpy, bumpy or hard mattress. This mattress pad not only feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud, but it has been clinically shown to improve sleep, reduce pain, and regulate your body temperature.

6. Wrinkle-Free Satin Luxury Sheets ($29.99, jcpenney.com)

satin sheets

Personally, I swear by satin sheets. Not only do they feel silky and luxurious against my skin (which makes me so excited to go to sleep), but they’re also a beauty secret of the stars!

7. BioSense Memory Foam Classic Pillow with Better Than Down Cover ($79.95, brookstone.com)

biosense memory foam pillow

This hypoallergenic, ventilated pillow from Brookstone contains Memory Foam, which conforms to your head, neck and shoulders for comfortable, cloud-like support all night long.

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  1. Faye, this is a good selection of sleep aids and there are many more that also help (at differing budget points). One thing I would say is that knoweldge on sleep remains poor. You make some good points on cafeine, alcohol and exercise but there are many more worth knowing about. I would recommend a new website to your readers ( https://www.sleepknow.com/ ) which has worked with leading scientists to put together a sleep test and sleep training programme. All the information people need to improve night time sleep and personal energy during the day. All the best.

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