Zzzz…Tips and Products to Help You Get Your Beauty Sleep

In honor of National Sleep Awareness week, we offer tips and products to help you have the best ZZZ's of your life.
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8. Eclipse Twine Thermaback Curtains ($24.99, target.com)

Eclipse curtains

For a dark room that’s conducive to a good night’s rest, it’s important to have curtains like these from Eclipse, which block light and noise from outside.

9. Earth Therapeutics RX3 Soft and Smooth Shut Eye Sleep Mask ($9, ulta.com)

sleep mask

If the blinds aren’t enough, or if you’re sharing a bedroom with someone else, wearing a sleep mask is another great way to block out light while you sleep.

10. Mack’s Dreamgirl Soft Foam Earplugs ($4.25, dreamessentials.com)


And, if it’s impossible to get some peace and quiet where you sleep, soft earplugs may be necessary to make sure your 7-9 hours of sleep aren’t interrupted from here on out.

Sweet dreams, Bettys!

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  1. Faye, this is a good selection of sleep aids and there are many more that also help (at differing budget points). One thing I would say is that knoweldge on sleep remains poor. You make some good points on cafeine, alcohol and exercise but there are many more worth knowing about. I would recommend a new website to your readers ( https://www.sleepknow.com/ ) which has worked with leading scientists to put together a sleep test and sleep training programme. All the information people need to improve night time sleep and personal energy during the day. All the best.

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