Top 5 Chic Sneaky Locations To Have Sex

Sneaking a quickie while out and about can be a total turn-on, if it is done with class.
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political fundraiser

3. Political fundraiser: “My boyfriend was working as an aide to a politician who was running for re-election. There was a fundraiser at a beautiful house in Bel-Air and after he had checked everyone in and gotten the event going, we snuck into one of the upstairs bathrooms and had a quickie. We’ve been together for ten years, and this was a lot more glamorous than having sex at the house parties we went to in college – even though it’s basically the same thing!” Elisa from Orange County shares.

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Chic Sneaky Locations To Have Sex

  1. out of all of these only the chauffered limo for us – we were both a but tipsy, but I have to say it was very cool – as for the last one – just ewww – on a beach at night was probably one of my faves though –

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