Top 5 Chic Sneaky Locations To Have Sex

Sneaking a quickie while out and about can be a total turn-on, if it is done with class.
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4. First class bathroom: The mile-high club is ok if you hit the economy class bathroom, but you haven’t really earned your points until you’ve done it in First Class! “I was randomly upgraded to First Class on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, and I was seated next to this hot producer. We were stuck on the runway for an hour before taking off, so we got to chatting. The next thing I knew he was grabbing me under his blanket, and after everyone dozed off during the red-eye flight, we hit the First Class bathroom and had crazy sex! I must say, getting upgraded has its perks!” Karissa from New York tells us.

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Chic Sneaky Locations To Have Sex

  1. out of all of these only the chauffered limo for us – we were both a but tipsy, but I have to say it was very cool – as for the last one – just ewww – on a beach at night was probably one of my faves though –

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