Top 5 Flirting Techniques and the Fantasies They Create in Men's Minds

Think flipping your hair is a cute and innocent move? Our guy says think again...
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4. The at-home pedicure
This flirt is designed to push him over the edge and make him seal the deal when you’re at your place. There’s nothing hotter than watching a woman give herself a pedicure. Perfectly shaven, shimmering legs, combined with the visual of a woman painting her toes, is way too much for any guy to handle. This will make him think of your legs wrapped around him instead.

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5. The baseball hat and ponytail look
This is more of a flirtatious look than a mannerism. When a woman wears a baseball hat pulled way down so the only thing you can see are her eyes and thick lips, it can’t get any hotter. Well actually, it can when this look is accompanied by a long ponytail hanging down from the back of the hat. This look makes a guy fantasize about unleashing the true woman underneath the baseball hat. He will want to passionately kiss you while he pulls off the hat and releases that mane of hair.

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  1. Great tips for women who are looking for tips on flirting. Above all, make sure that you acknowledge any advances that are made. If their eyes fall on yours, make sure they know that you have seen them. If they smile at you, smile back!

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