Top 5 Foods for Sexy, Shiny Hair

Want Nicole Kidman worthy hair? Eat more of these super foods!
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Kate Middleton

3. Beans: These delicious little super foods provide folic acid (vitamin B9) and iron (which reduces shedding tendencies) and is a great source of vegetable protein.

4. Green, Leafy Veggies: Eat your veggies! Your mama told you so. And she was right. Leafy vegetables are a great source of Vitamin B1 and iron and they also have the plus of being high in Vitamin C, which helps in the absorption of iron. A triple whammy!

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5. Cheese: Hallelujah! This may be the best food news we’ve heard since “red wine is good for your heart.” Cheese is high in both B12 and B1, zinc and protein, which is key for optimal shine.

Honorable Mention: Whole Grains: A diet high in white carbs is as bad for your waistline as it is for your hairline! Whole grains provide essential hair-healthy nutrients such as vitamin B1 and vitamin B9.

While we implored Dr. Reed to engage in more research on the subject, he insists that margaritas and daquiris (a mainstay of our summer diets) are not considered hair super foods. Bollocks!

Overall, a sensible, well-balanced diet rich in protein, healthy fats and low in simple, white carbs is the best way to achieve shiny, young-looking Kate Middleton-esque locks. Off to the steakhouse!

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  2. I have always believed proteins are possibly the most essential of all foods for healthy hair … but it kind of seems proteins haven't been emphasized in this study. Other nutrients would be essential too – but isn't hair almost entirely protein? Without sufficient protein intake, no amount of nutrients and vitamins would work ?

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