Top Dietitians' Top Foods, Part 1

What tastes the best-and what's best for you.
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Top Dietitians’ Top Foods, Part 1

What tastes the best—and what’s best for you.

-Jackie Newgent, RD

Top Dietitians foods

Dietitians are smart about food. Not only do they know which ones are healthy, they also know which of those healthy foods taste really good. BettyConfidential went to some of the country’s top dietitians to find out their personal favorites.

See what they had to say…

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0 thoughts on “Top Dietitians' Top Foods, Part 1

  1. well – the only thing I like is the dark chocolate – unless you count milk in ice cream or tea – then that would be two –

    love a piece of dark chocolate every now and again!!

  2. I like the list, but here are my favorites:
    Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, celery.

    Careful with the nuts and seeds — they have quite a bit of fat, but they do rank high in satiety.

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