Betty on the News: Top Stories: Hostile Crowds at Healthcare Forums and more

Top News Stories for August 12, 2009
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Betty on the News: Top Stories

Hostile crowds at healthcare forums, Facebook Lite accidentally debuts and more

-Margeaux Baulch Klein

Hostile Crowds at Healthcare Town Halls Nationwide

Hostile Crowds at Healthcare ForumFrom the loud jeering and booing, you may have thought the crowd at a Lebanon, Pennsylvania town hall yesterday was watching a local baseball game, when they were actually there, in fact, to show their disapproval for President Obama’s healthcare plan.

“One day God will stand before you and judge you!” one man shouted at Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania before security guards approached and he left the room, reported the Boston Globe.

They aren’t alone in expressing their disdain for the plan; other angry outbursts have happened at healthcare forums across the country, leaving some to wonder if President Obama’s polite and contention-free crowd at his recent town hall meeting in New Hampshire was purposely planted with supporters. (Boston Globe)

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0 thoughts on “Betty on the News: Top Stories: Hostile Crowds at Healthcare Forums and more

  1. Some people are just annoyingly evil. It’s terrible how Republican supporters are using these town hall meetings as another way to hate Obama. They should just get a life and accept the fact they lost the presidency.

  2. This is ridiculous! 70% of our nation are behind Obama’s reforms, so whoever is organizing there protests are trying to make it look otherwise.

    These protesters are forgetting our 1st amendment right to freedom of speech and public assembly. They might think they are being patriotic and doing this for our countries benefit, but their protests are an affront to the bill of rights our country was built upon

  3. Are you all kidding me (#1,2,3)? 70% of the nation is AGAINST nationalized healthcare and the current proposals from Obama and the Congress. Just because you disagree with president Obama’s plans DOES NOT mean you hate Obama–only a fool would say that. Lilshopper44–I’m guessing it is okay to protest President Bush but not Obama? Your statement is foolish, completely illogical (read what you say and use your brain) and shows how you closed minded and partisan you are and that you cannot see that your statement is completely hypocritical. The people at the town hall meetings are all ages, races, and political affiliation–true freedom loving Americans don’t want any part of Socialism and national healthcare and they are speaking with passion from their hearts. If you fail to see it then you are beyond help.

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