Betty on the News: Brad Pitt, George H.W. Bush, Dr. George Teller, and more

The tops news stories for June 10, 2009

Betty on the News

Betty on The News: Top Stories

-The Betty Editors

Brad Pitt1. Taking a break from collecting children, Brad Pitt was in Switzerland yesterday collecting artwork. He dropped a cool $1 million on a brightly hued painting of a racetrack by Neo Rauch that stands 9 feet high. Sure hope Angie likes it … or are rumors of them moving into separate homes true, and he’s pimping out his bachelor pad? (The Wall Street Journal)

2. Go George! Former President George H.W. Bush will celebrate his birthday Friday in Kennebunkport, Maine, by jumping out of a plane … along with the buxom Robyn Meade of HLN nonetheless. Besides a necessary jump back in WWII, Bush also made jumps on his 75th and 80th birthdays. He’s got gumption for sure. Amazing Race AARP style, anyone? (Huffington Post)

3. The shooting death of Dr. George Tiller, who performed abortions in Wichita, Kan. was horrific enough, but news yesterday that the clinic where he practiced will close is downright terrifying. Suspected killer, Scott Roeder, called the closing “a victory for all the unborn children.”

Support abortion or not, the message is now out there that murdering doctors is the means to an end desired by many. It’s frightening to think of the crazy copycats that could surface to claim their own violent “victory”. (CNN)

4. Earlier to bed, happier teens to rise. According to a recent study, teenagers who were required to hit the hay at 10 p.m. had less depression (25 percent) and fewer suicidal thoughts (20 percent) than those allowed to stay up later.

And parents should be right behind them … another recent study shows that getting less than seven or eight hours of sleep per night can raise your blood pressure. For every hour of sleep missed, the odds of developing high blood pressure go up 37 percent over five years, while missing two hours per night raises that risk by 86 percent. So go to bed sleepy head. (Forbes, Bloomberg)

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick 5. Thousands of investors were affected by Bernie Madoff‘s $65 billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, and so were a half a dozen Hollywood players. Until now Kevin Bacon, who was among the victims, has kept mum on the violation of trust. Evidently growing tired of the amount of embellished reports popping up every which way, wife Kyra Sedgwick is setting the record straight.

“It’s been really unpleasant and makes you feel really vulnerable. But the fact of the matter is that we did not lose everything,” Kyra recently disclosed during a conference call. “We lost hard-earned money that we worked very hard for that was what we thought in a safe place. It’s painful but a lot of people lost a lot more. And we have a lot of things to be grateful for in our life, and we never ever forget that.”

A-Listers who actually appreciate the finer things in life? Get out of town! (AP)

Edward Whitacre, Jr.6. Both Detroit and GM have been snubbed many times over for being out of touch with all the latest that automobile design has to offer, which makes bringing an inexperienced chairman on board completely illogical. General Motors has introduced their newest chairman, Edward Whitacre, Jr., a former AT&T CEO. The 67-year-old exec didn’t sound too sure about his position, as he stated in an interview that he doesn’t know a thing about cars, before adding “I’m not that old, and I think the business principles are the same.” He thinks? Way to confirm the public’s fears that the automobile industry is utterly screwed. (Huffington Post)

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