Betty on the News: Neal Wanless, Michelle Obama, the Recession and more

Obama's trip, Al Gore to rescue Laura Ling, receccion makes us fat, and more news

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Neal Wanless1. Saddle up, ladies! We’d like to introduce you to America’s newest most eligible bachelor, 23-year-old cutie-pie rancher Neal Wanless. Just a few days ago, this modest cowboy was scratching a living out of the small struggling ranch, where he resides in a camper with his parents; now he’s a multimillionaire (to the tune of $88.5 million after taxes), thanks to a Powerball Lotto ticket he bought at the local convenience store for five bucks.

Times have been tough for Wanless and his family. Last fall, their mobile home was repossessed and the family was forced to move into a camper, pals said.  Their ranch — tiny by Western standards — also was too small to support them in the current market, and they were forced to gather hay from ditches on the side of the highway to feed their animals. (New York Post)

We sure do love us a good rags-to-riches story, especially when it involves a handsome young fella like Wanless. Cougars, start your engines! Yeehaw!

2. Photo of the Day:

President Obama Sphinx
Obama and the Sphinx admire each other’s ears … (NY Post)

After his Middle East visit and tour of the pyramids, the President traveled to concentration camp Buchenwald in Germany. He laid a single white rose on a memorial to the dead, and called Holocaust deniers “hateful.” Next stop on his trip was Normandy, where he took part in D-Day celebrations there. Michelle Obama and the girls were also heading to France – brace yourselves for another flurry of what-she-wore!

Laura Ling Euna3. Al Gore to the rescue? The jury is out about whether or not he saved the environment, but there are reports that former Vice President Al Gore might travel to North Korea to negotiate the release of captured American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee. The two women were set to stand trial beginning yesterday, and, if convicted, could become pawns in an increasingly tense standoff between North Korea and the U.S.

State Department spokesman Ian Kelly did not rule out the possibility of Gore being sent when asked if it would make sense for him to go. “It’s a very, very sensitive issue, I’m not going to go into it,” Kelly told reporters. “The bottom line is that these two young women should be released but I’m not going to go into any kind of details on what we will or won’t do.” (Fox News)

Ok – so … no details – we got it. Well – he may not have a white horse, but if Al Gore can bring Laura and Euna home, he’ll definitely deserve Knight in Shining Armor status!

artimg06990.jpg4. Jeans won’t zip? Blame it on the recession. Today’s tight economic times are apparently making many Americans’ clothes too tight. A recent NEWSWEEK poll says that in the past year alone, the number of people in this country considered “obese” has jumped by 5.5 million (1.7 percent)! By comparison, there was no real increase in obesity levels between 2003-2006 – remember those good old economic days?

“There’s a clear link between stress and weight gain,” said Leslie Heinberg, director of behavioral services for the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute at Cleveland Clinic. “People may be more likely to eat comfort foods or eat things that are higher in fat and calories. There’s good evidence that stress hormones may play an important role in holding onto fat, especially the much more deleterious visceral fat.” (Newsweek)

5. David Carradine of Kung Fu and Kill Bill fame was found dead, hanging from a nylon rope in the closet of his Thailand hotel room. An investigation is underway.

“His family is in shock,” said Tiffany Smith of Carradine’s management firm, Binder & Associates. “They have the same belief we have. There was no way David did this to himself.” (Reuters)


6. The stuff of true nightmares … Four Florida teens are being charged as adults for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy AT their middle school in Tampa. Many students reportedly knew about and heard the brutal attacks that occurred over a couple of months and included sodomizing the boy with a broomstick, but no one reported them or tried to stop them. The alleged perpetrators, who have reportedly implicated themselves, are said to have been good students with no records. One defendant’s attorney says his client’s family “is among the finest in the community.” (CNN)

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  1. yeah with all due respect for the recently deceased – poke around the internet and get the deets on how carradine really died – what a way to go! sad, really. crap, now he’s going to haunt my a$$!

  2. I think the obesity thing is mainly due to people trying to cut corners wherever they can — if you’re worried about money of course you’ll buy the cheaper stuff (Top Ramen, mac & cheese …)

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