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Top News Stories for July 31, 2009
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Betty on the News: Top Stories

Obama’s beer summit, police arrested over Sarah Jessica Parker surrogate break-in, Roseanne Barr poses as a Nazi and more

-Kathy Campbell and Carolyn French

Obama’s beer summit

Obama Beer SummitPeanuts, pretzels and beer were served in the Rose Garden when President Obama played host at the White House last night to Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and James Crowley, the cop who arrested him earlier this month.

The so-called Beer Summit took place in an effort to clear the air following Obama’s comments that police had “acted stupidly” in arresting Gates on the doorstep to his Massachusetts home.

The president described the meeting afterwards as a “friendly, thoughtful conversation.”

“I have always believed that what brings us together is stronger than what pulls us apart,” Obama said. “I am confident that has happened here tonight, and I am hopeful that all of us are able to draw this positive lesson from this episode.”

When asked if anything was resolved in the get-together, Crowley said, “I think what you had today was two gentlemen agreeing to disagree on a particular issue. I don’t think that we spent too much time dwelling on the past. We spent a lot of time discussing the future.” (Fox News)

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0 thoughts on “Betty on the News: Top Stories: President Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker, and more

  1. Yea, I think it was cool that Obama was trying to squash the controversy between the two men. It may not stop all racism, but the effort means a lot.

    Now for the woman who called 9-1-1 to bitch and moan about not being invited, should just go crawl underneath a rock for being a clinger, and having the last-kid-pick-to-play syndrome

  2. Oooh Shanece. That’s harsh. I think the woman should have been invited to the White House too. She was a good citizen for taking the time to make the 911 call and all she got was criticism and threats.

  3. A “photo op”?? This was such a great thing for the pres to do — I am so proud he represents our country. This is the kind of thing that actual creates forward movement and PROGRESS — bringing issues out into the open and discussing them honestly and face to face!

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