Betty on The News: Robert Pattison, Jon and Kate, Bill Clinton and more

The top news stories for June 19, 2009

Betty on the News

Betty on The News: Top Stories

Robert Pattinson hit by a cab, Jon and Kate to announce divorce and more

-The Betty Editors

Robert Pattison1. Death cab for cutie Robert Pattison? It could have been. In his quest to outrun a hysterical mob of adoring fans in New York, the hottie vampire from Twilight was “clipped by a cab around noon in front of the Strand Bookstore on Broadway and 12th Street.” Thankfully, he’s OK. But fans, please restrain yourselves. Though this brush with danger may suggest otherwise, he only plays a vampire, he’s not really immortal. (New York Post)

2. Can’t say we’re surprised … word is that Jon and Kate Gosselin will officially announce their plans to divorce on Monday. While they had previously agreed to split on July 15, it appears they couldn’t wait that long. Perhaps that has something to do with Jon’s ongoing relations with Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon. While we feel for the kids, the whole situation is really just too messy to clean up at this point so perhaps it’s for the best … (

3. Don’t even think about downloading songs illegally from the internet unless you have a lot of bank to blow. A Minnesota woman was recently fined $1.9 million for downloading 24 songs illegally. It would have cost her 99 cents each to download them legally. Let’s see: $1.9 million minus the $24 the songs are worth equals a VERY strong message. (CNN)

4. It would have been a great happy ending, but unfortunately, it’s only a story – and a fictional one at that. DNA tests show that John Robert Barnes is not who he claimed to be – Steven Damman, a toddler who in 1955 vanished from outside a store while his mother was inside picking up a quick loaf of bread. Barnes’ real father called his son’s well-publicized story “bull” earlier this week. And with the test results in, we can’t think of a better word. What an awful false hope and opening of old, but still raw, wounds for the lost boy’s family. (Newsday)

5. Hillary Clinton is presently making the rounds with a fractured elbow, while hubby Bill is in denial mode yet again. Shades of Monica-gate: “I did not get a lap dance from that woman.” Doesn’t seem quite fair, does it? The former president allegedly enjoyed a steamy lap-dance during his recent trip to Buenos Aires. Talk to a spokesperson however, and they’ll calmly state that Billy was “playing cards” at his posh suite all evening. Playing cards eh? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Well, as long as he wasn’t smoking any cigars… (

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  1. Can someone tell me what makes this Pattinson so hot? This is an honest question! I kinda prefer my hotties to look like grown men, maybe I have to see how he “seasons up” as he gets older. No, I don’t hate on younger men, just curious about why this one?

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