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Top News Stories for August 13, 2009
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5-legged puppyFreak-show owner John Strong walked out of TV Judge Jeanine Pirro‘s court $4000 richer yesterday after it was decided that defendant Calvin Owensby broke a contract agreeing to sell him his five-legged puppy.

Owensby claims he didn’t realize Strong ran a freak show and tried to back out of the deal after receiving several threatening phone calls, including one from a man in New York who said, “only a freak would sell his dog to a freak show.”

The puppy, now renamed Lilly, lives with its new owner Allyson Siegel of Charlotte, N.C. who paid $4000 for her to prevent her from being sold to Strong.

“We’ve got a contract, and the defendant broke it, pure and simple,” Pirro said of her ruling.

Strong was thrilled with decision and said that he will now sue Siegel to reclaim Lilly, even though she’s undergone surgery to have her extra leg removed.

“I certainly am not chasing four-legged dogs around the world,” he said. “Because of the cuteness of the dog … I would still like to have the dog.” (Fox News)

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  1. deborah says:

    John Edwards!!!!! You better take care of that baby and YOUR WIFE.

  2. lilshopper44 says:

    Ugh politicians

  3. MsFahrenheit says:

    YEAH! Let’s talk about JOHN EDWARDS for a minute. SCUM!

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