Betty on the News: Top Stories: Tunisian woman is pregnant with twelve and more

Top News Stories for August 18, 2009
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Betty on the News: Top Stories

A Tunisian woman is pregnant with twelve, armed men are seen outside of a President Obama speech and more

-Margeaux Baulch Klein and Julie Ryan Evans

Move Over Octomom

OctomomBelieve it or not, the spotlight on Octomom may not shine so bright for long as a woman in Tunisa prepares to give birth to 12 children. Yes, TWELVE – six boys and six girls: two entire Brady Bunches.

The Sun reports that the woman and her husband thought they were pregnant with twins, only to keep discovering more.

“But more foetuses were discovered. Our joy increased with the growing number,” he is quoted as saying.

According the Examiner, the correct term for the mother of 12 is “Duodecamom” – doesn’t flow as nicely as Octmom for sure.

Wonder if they will be tuning into Fox’s two-hour special on Nadya tomorrow night? Have they been watching her story unfold?

Of course, there are two of them, and we can only hope that she’s saner than Octomom, but the fact that she wants to give birth NATURALLY makes us wonder … a bit.

She is reported to have suffered miscarriages and infertility in the past, though it’s not known if she used IVF or other fertility procedures to conceive her dozen fetuses. But it does once again raise real concerns about how with every new advance in technology, ethics have to come into play.

It’s not just about the mother and what she wants and about the doctor and about what he wants or the husband. It’s about the babies, the precious little beings who through no fault of their own are at the center of it all. (The Sun)

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0 thoughts on “Betty on the News: Top Stories: Tunisian woman is pregnant with twelve and more

  1. Is there any chance that she did NOT use interventions? Is that even possible? I wonder, what is the largest number of multiples ever conceived naturally? Apparently, I am the lady of a million questions tonight!

  2. The woman supposedly pregnant with 12 babies refuses to be examined or provide any proof that she actually carries 12 fetuses. My guess would be that she’s lying or a crackpot.

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