Treat Yourself! 10 Things You Should Do For Yourself This Holiday Season

These ten things? You should DEFINITELY do them for yourself this holiday season. You deserve it!
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5. Find your perfect bold lipstick. Nothing boosts confidence like a bright splash of lipstick. You’re guaranteed to get compliments, that’ll put some swagger in your step. The best part? You won’t have to fuss much with the rest of your makeup (or outfit even) when your lips are the star. This one’s easy, just take our Lipstick Quiz for personalized lip tips.

6. Pretox. Why detox when you can pretox? We’re talking about getting a jump start on getting your body fit before the parties roll around. Americans gain an average of one pound over the holidays (speaking of rolls…). It can be a daunting task to try to lose that stubborn pound after the fact, so it’s better to be proactive about never adding it at all. But it’s not about limiting the quantity of food, but making you satisfied with the quality. Get step-by-step tips here to have yourself a merry little pretox.

7. DIY Scrub. You’ve got leftover brown sugar from baking, so put it to good use! Nothing feels more luxurious than a warm lather that leaves you silky-smooth (especially if the weather’s been drying you out). No time to choose from a sea of exfoliating products? You won’t spend a dime on these ingredients already in your cupboard.

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8. Volunteer. An unexpected way to treat yourself is by treating others. “It’s tempting to think that we need to pamper ourselves to be happy (and sometimes this is a good idea),” Della Porta says. “However, as I’ve mentioned in one of my articles, I believe that genuinely caring for others and putting their needs before yours yields a special kind of joy that is otherwise unattainable,” Della Porta says.

In other words, showering yourself with fine-leather goods and cashmere slippies isn’t the real recipe to a happy holiday. But charity work is! It’s proven to make you happier. In fact, the more you do, the happier it makes you. Set aside one weekend to devote to your favorite charity. ‘Tis the season for giving!

9. Connect with nature. If you live in a winter wonderland, don’t hibernate! Start a snowball fight or go sledding. Snow or not, just get out there. Connecting with nature is linked with vitality (the secret to looking younger!). Even a 15-minute walk induces positive emotions, such as enthusiasm and “aliveness.” Put down that energy drink, a walk will give you the push you to stay up till all hours.

10. Meditate. Each day, set a timer on your phone and do nothing for that allotted time—even if it’s just five minutes. A simple place to start is by sitting and focusing on your breath. Whatever your aim—better sleep, more energy, a cheerier disposition—meditation can help you get there. If you’re afraid you’ll snap at a certain someone at your next family gathering, hear this: Meditation can make you kinder. If completely clearing your mind seems like an impossible task, the kind of meditation that’s right for you.

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