Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Is Tired of Vampires.

Funny, so are we.

Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Is Tired of Vampires.

Funny, so are we.

-Jane Farrell

Stephenie Meyer

She’s made an estimated $50 million in just one year. Her books have sold up to 100 million copies around the globe. But Stephenie Meyer, author of the phenomenal Twilight books, wants her followers to know that she Has Had Enough.

In an interview with several fan sites, Meyer was asked about her work-in-progress, Midnight Sun. “I know that’s what everyone cares about,” Meyer replied. “I also know that the right answer would be for me to say ‘Oh yah, it’s done! And it’ll be out next month!’ But that’s not true. It’s also not true that I’ve got a ton of work done on it….What’s true is that I’m really burned out on vampires. And I don’t want to write it badly. So I want to wait until I’m excited about the material again, and I’m excited about Edward.”

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Not excited about Edward? How can that be? If you believe all the media coverage–and we try to, we really do—millions of women worldwide are in a constant state of excitement about Rob Pattinson Edward. But we understand. The series – Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn – is a pop-culture phenomenon, and going in a new direction isn’t easy. (The first four books were told from Bella’s point of view, while Midnight Sun has Edward as a narrator.) And there are only so many romantic, otherworldly adventures that a group of impossibly beautiful teens can have.

But the series has clearly reached the market-saturation point: just think of the thousands of Twilight t-shirts and totes that are for sale in every single mall-goth store in the United States of America. It’s totally understandable that Meyer is burned out and a bit sick of it all. We certainly are; why shouldn’t she be?

So take a rest, Stephenie – but don’t stay away too long. Even rabid fans can be fickle, and you don’t want to, er, bite that hand that feeds you. (Sorry, we had to say it.) (Galleycat)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor for BettyConfidential.

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  1. I did read the beginning of Midnight Sun (it was online for a little while) and it was so awesome to see Twilight from Edwards point of view… since I started it I want to be able to finish it. I can totally understand her not continuing the series… it’s perfect the way it is!

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