Up for Grabs: Kim Kardashian's Discarded Wardrobe Is On Ebay. For Real.

The clothing items discarded from Kim Kardashian's wardrobe by Kanye West are on Ebay. Who wants 'em?
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Kim K booties

Giuseppe Zanotti Woven Metallic Peep-toe Ankle Booties, Size 36.5 (current bid: $204.50). I’ll be honest with you: I’ve never understood the point of peep-toe booties. Aren’t booties meant to keep your feet warm?

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Kim K bomber jacket

Rock Stella & Jamie Black Bomber Jacket (current bid: $205.01). Actually, this one isn’t so bad. Does Kanye have a beef with bomber jackets in general, or does he just feel that anyone who wears a bomber jacket should at least have some idea how to pilot a plane?

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