Vampires Among Us

The Betty team concocts a list of celebrities who they think can pass as vampires.


Vampires Among Us

Move over ‘True Blood’ … we’re talking true-life bloodsuckers!

-The Bettys

True Blood actorWith the cult-like popularity of the Twilight series (books, movies, and now, comic books!) and the hit show True Blood, we Bettys started to wonder … could the explanation for all this vampire-mania be … a little sinister? Could it be that our popular culture is ALREADY infiltrated with the undead? That certainly would explain a lot of the weirdness!

Mean Betty has already clearly made the case for Madonna as vampire … here are 10 more celebrities we suspect of being True Bloodsuckers…

First: Nicole Kidman

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0 thoughts on “Vampires Among Us

  1. I gotta side with lilshopper44 about Christopher Walken, he’s got more life in him than Al Pacino & Larry King combined and he dances in every single one of his movies!

    Even if he was a vampire, sigh!

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