VIDEO: 8 EPIC FAIL Marriage Proposals

It's hard enough to screw up your courage to ask someone to marry you, but when the person of your dreams says, 'No,' it's pretty horrible. And it's worse when it's on TV.
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7. Another TV show fail

In Texas, at a local TV show, a guy, with the help of the host, asks his girlfriend to marry him… Watch her face.

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8. Leap year proposal

Over in Ireland, there’s a tradition that says it’s okay for women to propose to their boyfriends during a leap year. So this one woman did at a house party.

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One thought on “VIDEO: 8 EPIC FAIL Marriage Proposals

  1. ErinSos says:

    LMAO! Every video is funny, very epic. I couldn't get enough especially with the video no. Though funny but so sad to hear a ''no''. I think the marriage proposals must be unique in order to capture the woman's ''yes'' like what I have read in this article… so, what's your pick for a unique marriage proposal?

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