Video: 'Bridesmaids' Star Chris O'Dowd Wants You to Escape the Olympic Madness

'Bridesmaids' star Chris O'Dowd has lent his voice to a hilarious commercial for Discover Ireland's new Escape the Madness campaign!

Video: ‘Bridesmaids’ Star Chris O’Dowd Wants You to Escape the Olympic Madness

‘Bridesmaids’ star Chris O’Dowd has lent his voice to a hilarious commercial for Discover Ireland’s new Escape the Madness campaign!

-Lucia Peters

Chris O'Dowd

Do you live in London? If you do, we’re incredibly jealous—although lately, perhaps less so, what with the utter insanity we’re sure that the Olympics has brought upon your fair city. But have no fear: Chris O’Dowd has the perfect solution for you!

The hilarious (and incredibly Irish) Bridesmaids star recently lent his voice to Discover Ireland’s Escape the Madness campaign, and the resulting video? Well, let’s just say that the word “priceless” applies. According to Chris, you can get to Ireland from London faster than you can get to your office—and with the help of a hapless Office Boy and a cool, unflappable Yer Man (seriously—that’s what he’s called), he’s going to prove it. Watch it here!

Did you catch Chris’ actual, physical appearance at the 1:30 mark? No? Go on and watch it again—we’ll wait!

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Chris first landed on our radars in the fabulously funny Britcom The IT Crowd (which, coincidentally, also starred Richard Ayoade of The Watch, in cinemas now), but it wasn’t until his turn as the slightly bumbling but oh-so-adorable Nathan Rhodes in Bridesmaids that he really began to take off. He currently lives in London, but according to, he’s a little torn about the ongoing Olympic Games. “I love the Olympics but I hate the congestion,” he admitted. “I live in south London and love this vibrant place most of the time. But this summer, it’s going to boil over and spill a bit.” Luckily, his native Ireland, where he’s currently based while shooting the second season of the Sky 1 show Moone Boy, is super close; within two hours, you can be kicking back with a pint, footloose and madness-free.

Of course, it may take those of us who live elsewhere a little longer to get there; but we’d still go if we could! Would you?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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