VIDEO: He Said…She Said: Valentine's Day

Love or hate the most romantic holiday of the year?

VIDEO: He Said…She Said: Valentine’s Day

Love or hate the most romantic holiday of the year?

-Betty Editors

Valentine’s Day has some squealing with excitement and others wanting to go crawl in a hole until it’s over.

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Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day? Faye Brennan and Justin DeMarco debate the dreaded or beloved holiday!

Tell us: what are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

Videography by Randy Astle.

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0 thoughts on “VIDEO: He Said…She Said: Valentine's Day

  1. I think it is almost better to be single and buy your own gift and not be pressured to get something for your supposed Valentine. Why give in to the pressure if you don’t feel like it?? I did get myself some flowers and some heart lemon cookies….it is going to be a great day!!

  2. I’ve always HATED this day! But this year, I actually have love in my life. He’s already given me two t-shirts, some candy and a carton of Blue Bell chocolate covered strawberry ice cream. He called earlier and said I had a delivery coming to our house this afternoon. Wow! what a guy!!!

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