Video! Lady Gaga: "But I wouldn't love them unless they were gay."

The 'Fame Monster' superstar sees motherhood in her future, but there's a love stipulation!

Video! Gaga: “But I wouldn’t love them unless they were gay.”

The ‘Fame Monster’ superstar sees motherhood in her future, but there’s a love stipulation!

-Evette Brown

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After the BBQ dress proposal for the VMAs, we thought Lady Gaga would finally bring herself down from the planet of weird to join us normies. We were wrong. Again.

What is it this time Gaga?

Now, she’ll only love her future children if they are homosexual….hmm.

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Before shutting down Hawthorne Avenue in sheer leggings and a top that left her midriff open to the breezy Los Angeles air, the Born This Way megastar appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and answered all of Jimmy’s questions with a laugh and randomness that makes us remember why we fell in love with her eccentricities to begin with.

Here are a few of her most hilarious answers:

On Bowling: I’m a good bowler pre-Budweiser. I don’t rent shoes because if my fans saw me in flats, they’d have a heart attack.

On Children: Someday, long, long way from now….But I wouldn’t love them unless they were gay.

On Driving: I don’t have a license, but I was driving in Beverly Hills after the Grammy’s in a strip mall parking lot. I didn’t think anybody saw me until my manager called me the next day.

Check out more of the craziness below:

Did we mention that Lady Gaga is starting her own line of baby togs? Yup, it’s going to be called, GaGa Goo Goo.

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