Viola Davis + More: We Love You, But We Don't Love Your Oscar Dresses

Viola Davis, Anna Faris, Shailene Woodley and more made our Worst Dressed at the Oscars list.

Viola Davis + More: We Love You, But We Don’t Love Your Oscar Dress

 Viola Davis, Anna Faris, Shailene Woodley and more made our Worst Dressed at the Oscars list.

-PJ Gach

 kelly osbourne viola davis gwyneth paltrow

You know, there are times when it’s ridiculously easy creating a worst dressed red carpet list (yes, we’re talking to you, Nicole Kidman); but there are also times when it’s just painful to do so. Why? It’s ‘cause we love, admire and respect the actresses – we just can’t stand the dresses! Last night, with the exception of Kelly Osbourne, it was a miserable task writing up the people who need a remedial course in clothing.

Ah well, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Kelly Osbourne

 kelly osbourne

Yes, we know that placing Miss O (as Kelly Osbourne likes to call herself) on the worst dressed list is a no-brainer. Between the unflattering hair color, a dress that makes her look like Morticia Addams, and the Aldo shoes, she’s a shoe-in. She’s also here because we’re frankly astounded that she’s now a fashion authority. She wouldn’t know Vionnet, Balmain or Lili Ann if they bit her on the butt. Props go to her Sutra jewelry, though.

Anna Faris

anna faris oscars 2012

We love Anna Faris and her big goofy laugh. We love her fearlessness. We don’t love her beaded Diane Von Furstenberg dress—it would’ve looked better on Betty White.

Sherri Shepherd

 sherri shepherd

OH. MY. GAWD. What happened?! Sherri Shepherd’s gown is a disaster! The neckline looks like it’s got caged animals in there – and they’re not happy.

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Viola Davis

 viola davis

Viola! Viola! Viola! I have a massive girl crush on her. She’s brilliant. I wish she’d stop showing off her boobies, though. Yes, Viola, we know you’ve got a killer bod. But could you wear something a bit more complementary? This has to be the cheesiest Vera Wang gown that we’ve ever seen. URGH.

Shailene Woodley

 shailene woodley

Shailene Woodley’s a good actress and we think she’s going to have a long, storied career. We also think that this Valentino gown, while quite lovely, is just too too old for her. Shailene, you don’t have to dress like Courtney Stodden, but something more age-appropriate would’ve looked better on you.

Nancy O’Dell

nancy odell

So this is what a bumble bee wears to a formal affair? Good to know. Oops, never mind — it’s not a bumble bee, it’s Nancy O’Dell!

Gwyneth Paltrow

gwyneth paltrow 

What can I say? Gwynnie’s a superhero whose power is pretension.

Tell us: Which celebrity do you think needs a do-over?

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential

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0 thoughts on “Viola Davis + More: We Love You, But We Don't Love Your Oscar Dresses

  1. Kelly Osbourne knows fabric, line, cut, proportion and Vionnet, James, Chanel, Balmain and on and on. Cheap shot. Bad info.
    Oh, by the way, she’s also kind.

  2. I also think Gwyneth looked fantastic! I loved her dress – very sophisticated (but lol at the comment that Gwyneth is a superhero his power is pretension – she is extremely pretensious). Viola Davis likes jewel tones and I thought the dress was okay – but not great. I actually liked Kelly Osbourne’s dress and jewels and she surprisingly does a pretty good job on the Fashion Police. Her problem is that hair! The worst is Nancy O’Dell who not only is wearing an awful color dress, but her orangy blonde hair job clashes. It actually looks worse than Kelly Osbourne’s hair and that’s saying something. I think Shailene Woodley’s dress is fantastic and not too old for her. Fashion for young girls is getting more conservative. I think everyone thinks the dress is too old for her because of the tight bun. She should have worn her hair down or something not quite as severe.

  3. Gwyneth looked gorgeous and classy. I like it. I like Kelly’s dress, but the hair color is a disaster. I like Nancy Odell’s dress. I pretty much agree on the rest of it.

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